Archaeological sites

Apulia has always been the paeninsula’s gateway to the East, and here many towns developed and prospered as ancient posts serving the Appian Way, is scattered with paving stones, relics of milestones markers, remains of Roman houses, you can see in the countryside or in the underground layer of medieval churches.


Canosa hiddens a true jewel in its underground: the renowned tombe a camera room-sized-tombs dating back to the 4 century BC, which are beautifully frescoed and where lots and lots of vases and wares displayed today in most great museums are from. The extensive collection of grave goods can be seen at the Fondazione Archeologica Canosina. Right around the town you can visit the relics of a number of early Christian sites and a Roman bridge, while 7 kilometres away there is Canne della Battaglia where took place the famous battle earning Hannibal a reputation as a master tactician.

Ruins of ancient Cannae    Archaeological site near Canosa    Roman bridge over the Ofanto    Archaeological museum of Canosa di Puglia



Egnazia, located between the unspoilt seacoast and the cultivated countryside, is among the most interesting sites in Apulia. Enjoying the informative signs (in English!) you can visit the ruins dating back from the Greek and Roman time, just like houses and bakeries’ foundation stones, the necropolis and relics of the major road Appian Traian Way. Then you can haed to the museum after checking out the opening hours on

town of Egnatia    the ancient city wall     the Appian-Trajan Way    mosaic of the Three Graces


Charmingly situated in between the so called Two Seas and surrounded by the slopes descending from the inland plateau, Taranto features a not to be missed number of highlights, just like the old town, the late 19th century French borough and the rationalist style like seafront. If you are fond of archaeology you can admire gorgeous findings –great ceramics and the gold jewellery items- of the Magna Graecia’s capital in the National Museum. For more info have a look on

the temple of Poseidon    gold jewelry    gold jewelry    Apulian red-figure vase



Founded by Emperor Frederick II’s favourite and illegitimate son Manfred, Manfredonia houses a noteworthy National Museum inside the Swabian-Anjovin castle. There you will see a great collection of findings excavated in the Province of Foggia, which used to be a major thoroughfare over the centuries.

the castle of Manfredonia    Daunia funerary stone    National Archaelogical Museum of Manfredonia    Daunia funerary stone




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